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Peak gives you the ability to make your own fitness dashboard, and always stay on top of it with a range of widgets.

→ Your Personal Fitness Dashboard
Build a custom dashboard tailored to your needs by picking and choosing the exact metrics you want, such as steps, workouts, activity rings, and more. Each metric can contain a variety of blocks, such as charts, goals, totals, trends, and more.

→ An Assortment of Themes
Peak includes over 60 beautifully designed themes, so you can find the exact appearance for your tastes. You can even set different custom themes for light and dark mode.

→ Homescreen and Lockscreen Widgets
Peak includes a wide variety of beautifully designed widgets to help you keep track of your progress at a glance. These let you keep track of your stats for today, your progress towards your goals, and more. Each widget can also be customised with its own theme, for both light and dark mode.

→ Private By Design
Privacy is one of the Peak’s core values. Health data is some of the most sensitive data people have, so there is no tracking or data collection.

→ A Delight to Use
Peak feels right at home on your iPhone and iPad, and includes familiar patterns and a lot of small touches to make using the app a breeze. You can customise various aspects such as the app icon, themes, the units you choose, and more.


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About the Developer

Peak is developed by a one-person team. I’m Harshil Shah, an iOS developer based in Mumbai, India. I also make a Mac app, Pause which is also a health-focused app.

You can read more about me on my website,, and you can contact me at [email protected]

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